Launches Gift Cards with China Union Loyalty and Grand Opening of the 600th Retail Outlet

(28 September 2010) ------ Luk Fook Holdings (International) Limited (“Luk Fook”/the “Group”) (Stock Code: 00590) announces that the Group is launching Luk Fook Gift Cards with China Union Loyalty. Card holders can redeem the entire amount of the card by making purchase at any branch of the 37 Lukfook Jewellery in Hong Kong and Macau. Meanwhile, thanks to the rapid business growth in the PRC market, the Group proudly announces that the number of its retail outlets has reached 600.

Mr. Wong Wai Sheung, Chief Executive of the Group, said, “Launching Gift Cards allows us to lock a certain group of customers and the retail income received in advance offers capital resources to the Group’s future development. Gift Cards not only enhance customers’ loyalty, but also help expand our customer base. They enable us to implement a greater variety of marketing activities as well, boosting consumers’ spending desire. Moreover, the Group plans to extend its Gift Card business to the PRC or even the overseas market after its operation in Hong Kong becomes mature. The Group expands the PRC market with great effort in recent years and the number of our retail shops grows rapidly. The Group currently has a total of 600 retail outlets all over the world (same period last year: 508), in which 558 are located in the PRC. Looking ahead, the Group will further enlarge the sales network in the PRC. Apart from opening new shops at first-tier and second-tier cities, we will also establish retail outlets at third-tier and fourth-tier cities, so as to increase Luk Fook’s market share in the PRC. ”

PRC tourists traveling to Hong Kong under individual travel scheme has been the key support of Luk Fook's Hong Kong sales and over 50%

Gift Cards in the PRC are popular that over 80% of PRC consumers have bought or used Gift Cards. Besides, China Union Loyalty has launched Gift Cards with a number of famous brands which include Walmart and Carrefour in the PRC. 

To celebrate the launch of Gift Cards and the opening of its 600th outlet, senior management of Luk Fook, Mr. Yi Tao, China Union Loyalty’s General Manager and famous models Jacqueline Chong and Irene Wang today attended the cocktail reception “Lukfook Jewellery X China Union Loyalty Giftcards” held at WATERMARK Restaurant at Central Pier 7 (Star Ferry Pier), witnessing Luk Fook’s milestone achievement.


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